Has Sony announced a DSC-HX200V replacement yet? Maybe with a 1inch sensor...

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Re: Has Sony announced a DSC-HX200V replacement yet? Maybe with a 1-inch sensor...

Joe M. wrote:

Well I could live with the same size sensor, as long as they can remove the smear. Also seeing how Pano has a bridge with a f2.8 constant out maybe Sony will add a newer lens which will compete with theirs. I was hoping there were some rumors. Also I own a R1 which I would buy again if it had upgraded tech inside, sensor, lens and such. I own DSLTs but I like how small the HX series is and still give us such large zoom range.

Well, the Panasonic FZ200 brought more problems to most of its users, with that full-range 2.8 lens, than it provided benefits. You see so many shots from it that are flawed and less than sharp, because they were shot with F2.8, when F4.6 to F5.6 would have been much better. That model has to be constantly checked for aperture and manually adjusted in A mode. For all the devotion to it by those on the Panasonic Forum, I'm not impressed by its results. Their older FZ150 produces sharper photos and they still haven't ironed-out the video autofocus instability, when zooming or panning.

I hope that Sony doesn't put a similar lens on their next superzoom model. I've taken quite a few photos with an HX200V and I'm not complaining about smearing. A camera like this isn't as easy to use properly, as many people would like to think. If you keep the ISO low and often lower the EV, while using the right combination of custom settings, the results can be much better. If Sony would just reduce the number of pixels, while maintaining the level of technology, a larger sensor wouldn't be necessary. But I would like to see a slightly larger CMOS in their next HX-Series camera and I'd even accept a 24X zoom range, but only if it could retain the glitch-free 60p video. The smaller sensors seem to be the only ones that can do this.

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