Should I sell my last zoom and go all prime?

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Re: Should I sell my last zoom and go all prime?

I prefer priimes but I work slowly and would also get a second hand film medium format.  I shoot primes on both my Nikon dSLR and film SLRs too.  That is the way I like to work, no zooning, one FL and live with, 2 or 3 clearly distinct FLs and just photograph the couple of pictures.  If I was going travel with people I know and plan to do some portraiture, I would take one zoom like a 2.8 med zoom or a lighter lens if I neede that.  B/c they don't have the patience but OTOH if I was doing just a few shots with studio strobes and a portable battery pack, I may shoot primes.

I think it just depends how you work that's all.  I don't find the extra IQ that significant for myself, primes are pretty good nevertheless and at the end of the day the image is printed to a certain size.

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