Canon Financial Statement for 2012

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Re: Do you make pictures?

Forrest wrote:

Ramesh wrote:

Canon is still making profit but it is significantly reduced. How long it will continue to be profitable if they don't upgrade their sensor technology is anybody's guess.

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I got my camera and my lenses to shoot photos with. As long as my gear continues to work, I wouldn't really care if Canon went out of business.

Most times I come to DPR, I leave wondering how people can obsess over so many unimportant details. And then every now and then I'll see a wonderful photo that I would never have thought to create, find a bit of inspiration, and realize why I put on my boots and wade through this place.

I suggest more going out and shooting, and less reading financial statements. You'll feel better.Rea

Really neat shots.

The OP might want to take photos of financial statements since he seems to have little to photograph.

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You don't TAKE a photo, you MAKE a photo.

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