Small aperture diffraction.... let's see some!

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Re: Small aperture diffraction.... let's see some!

Richie Beans wrote:

My group response is that I understand what diffraction is and it's causes at small apertures, and I remember, from BITD, when lens reviewers in the magazines would magnify the detail of light coming through leaves in distant trees and highlight color fringes on high-contrast edges. Back then, that was a real, and viewable problem and myself had my own quasi-rules built on what I half understood.

I wonder if we aren't just reflexively adhering to some photography standard that is now obsolete. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that I could construct a test that resolves diffraction as a function of aperture, but if I have to kill a day to build a test that reveals micron-scale problems in extremely specific conditions, then I've wasted my time.

So....anyone have diffraction problems at small apertures?

You need to ask your question in the 'gear' forum where all the techno-weenies hang out. Anyway, in response to your question, diffraction is alive and well and will rear it's ugly head  once you reach the dla of your particular camera/sensor.  Note that you can shoot at correspondingly smaller apertures as the size of the sensor increases. You will start to see IQ degradation at f/11 with a crop sensor camera and f22 on a FF sensor.

Ironically, in the length of time it took you to write the above post you could have taken a photo at f/22 and compared it to an f/8 version of the same image.

Are you a gear-head or a photographer.  The buck stops with the print that you hold in your hands.

If you are the former then click the link above.


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