What lens would you choose?

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Re: What lens would you choose?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

vwxyz wrote:

Well i've just been into a shop and the 16f28 is 298AUD and the fisheye is 198AUD, together they will sell it to me for 425AUD.

I can aslo get the SEL55210 for 299AUD. No sure if them prices are good but i need to make a decision. Thanks to all those that have helped me so far. It has become clearer but i still don't know which to go for!

If I were to make the choice, I would go 55-210 for now. It gives you more to explore in photography. Add a UW/Fisheye and faster primes as budget permits and/or deals are found.

For UW, you could try vertical sweep to see if works for you (I'd set Top to Bottom sweep, and turn the camera 90-degrees for sweep pano). That can be your UW for now. Here is one taken with A55 and Sigma 18-250 at 20mm in that mode.

Thanks! Great idea. Thanks for the reply. 
I think i have come to a decision, i am definitely going to get the SEL55210 as like people have pointed out and also Flint Hill. I know that if i didn't get the lens there would come i time where i needed to zoom. Whereas with the fisheye, it maybe a novelty, i have never used one and the reason i was interested is my friend has taken some amazing pictures with one. For him it was just a cheap one that attached to his DLSR, whereas i would need to buy the 16f28 lens.

Thats one decision made, thanks for everyone who replied. All i need to do now is to decide whether or not to just take a risk for once and get the 16mm and fisheye...........! However, i will have to buy it today or tomorrow!

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