Why does the e-pl5 cost so much less than the em5?

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Guy Parsons
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Barry Stewart wrote:

1/400th flash synch is pretty cool.

Yes, E-PL1 managed 1/320 and 1/400 on E-PL5, haven't checked the E-P3 as yet.

I'll have to try with my radio slave. All of my Olys can shoot at least 1 click over posted synch speed with a radio slave.

If the radio slave uses only the central trigger and ignores all of the three little comms contacts then you have a chance.

For other readers: we are talking non-TTL flash here. Something in the dedicated-flash linkage throws restrictions in the maximum speed... even in so-called "manual.

Yes, a Nikon flash ignores or doesn't align with the comms contacts so can use any shutter speed. Also, just use some tape on the comms contacts and an Oly flash will also do the same.

Flashes of course need to be in auto or a deliberate power setting and take some test shots to set up.

Sadly Panasonic always goes to 1/160 whenever something is detected at the trigger contact, so no way can Panasonic do this same flash trick.

Regards...... Guy

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