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Re: Head shots for company board

Jerry Anderson wrote:

I have been asked to take a head shot of the 11 security guards so the company can place them on a company board.

They will be taken at night in a small room that has 2 celing lights.

My questions are?

1. What color backdrop should I use

A wall of the room if it is clean and available.  If you can't use a wall then go with a white fabric background.  Just buy a couple of yards of cheap fabric at a fabric store or Walmart and tape it to the wall with some masking tape (the blue painters masking tape is less likely to leave any adhesive on the wall).  Keep the guards about 6' from the background so you don't get any shadows on it.  Put some tape on the floor for the guards to put their feet on so that they will all be the same distance from the background and the camera.

2. What type of light set up, I have 2 alien bee 800's and a Canon 480 and 580 flash.

Use the AllienBees.  The ABs will let you shoot at f/8 for plenty of depth of field.

3. Also have a beauty dish on one alien bee and have some Honeycomb grids

Use the beauty dish to one side about 5' from the subject at about 35° and up about the same amount.  Place the second with the 7" reflector just to the other side of the camera lens to act as the fill light at about 1-1/2 to 2 stops down.  With this lighting a white background will go gray.

All the guards are male.

That is why you can get by with harsher light from the beauty dish and 7" reflector.

I will be using the canon 6D and have a 85 mm lense and also the 24-105L

24-105L on a tripod.  With a focal length of 105mm at about 10'-12' from the subject you will be getting a nice head shot.

They want 5x7

Simple, just shoot them with a little extra space around them and specify the 5x7 ratio when you crop.  When you print the software will automatically resize the image to print a 5"x7" print at 300dpi (or 240dpi depending on your printer brand).

Where would I position the backdrop in the small room and what settings for the lights that are in the celing.

If you shoot at about 1/3 stop below the sync speed the room lights won't have much effect, and you can always turn them off and just work by the light from the AB modeling lights.

Shoot RAW and it is easy to get an exact WB of you shoot a WB card with the first guard.  With JPGs just set a Custom WB using the WB card before you start.  Here is a very good WB card.

Robin Myers Imaging: Digital Gray Card

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