Am I able to do shallow DoF with RX100?

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Re: Am I able to do shallow DoF with RX100?

Have you figured out yet, after all these posts, how YOU are going to define "decent level of portrait shots with nice bokeh"?

At the end of the day, all cameras are a battle of compromises.  The RX100 is first and foremost for those that want a very high quality, VERY small camera.  It does bokeh much better than your other point and shoot options but it's not as good as a bigger camera like the Canon G1X nor is it as good as a DSLR with an appropriate lens.  If bokeh is your #1 priority then you shouldn't look at a RX100, you should go the DSLR route with an appropriate lens.

No camera does everything perfect, especially when you factor in size and price.

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