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Re: few questions...

Well, first the question - did you shot from tripod or hand-held?

Are this shots jpegs OOC, or processed RAW files?

Which mode did you shot in?

There are lot of comparisons here, but sometimes the problem is, that testers does not exclude all possible variables, and their results and conclusions might end misled.

In example - shooting hand-held is basically useless, because we all have different ability to hold cameras steady. Shooting from tripod, but leaving OSS on, often leads to slightly blurred image. When on tripod, OSS should be switched off, despite what producer said.

If test is made from OOC jpegs, camera software and processing power is compared, instead of sensor IQ capability.This would be still fair, if there wouldn't be that many different settings applied for the jpeg outputs. If RAW software is used, it is still lot of alchemy, because some of the most popular developing softwares handles RAW files from different camera producers and models, with more or less efficiency. If supplied softwares are used, than there is again lot of preset settings, that might influence the result.

It is better to focus manually and it is necessary to make at least three focus attempts, no matter if AF or MF is used. The more, the better. In your second shot, it seems that NEX 7 wasn't focused properly. As it is only crop, it is hard to say for sure.

Shooting in A mode, with fixed ISO, will usually cause different exposures between different cameras. It might be due to the slightly different composition, that change the overall exposure approximation, different exposure algorithm or/and sensors. Very often this happen because of different ISO calibration. This is the case with your first shot at 3200 ISO. NEX 7 shot is clearly underexposed at 1/800, while Canon looks properly exposed at 1/500. At higher ISO, proper exposure is very critical for the noise, and it is usually better to slightly overexpose, than underexpose.

Here is one of my older NEX 7 shots at ISO 6400. It looks less noisy IMHO, than yours 3200 ISO attempt.

Sony NEX 7 and Takumar 85 f1.8 at 6400 ISO and f1.8

So, while your test and opinion is certainly appreciated by me and I guess by NEX community, you might want to spend a bit more time, trying to learn about each system strengths and weaknesses more and use your equipment in normal situations, in line with your preferred work-flow. Such an extended experience, can be more accurate and valuable than a brief IQ test among systems.

But your comments about build quality and UI, are surely already very welcomed.

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