What lens would you choose?

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Re: What lens would you choose?

... on the other hand, there will be lots of things i just won't be able to come close to such as wildlife, and there is a lot of that in Aus. I really don't know what to do. It's a shame really because buying these in England wouldn't be an issue because it's cheaper over there. I will be working over here so i'll earn money, i think i may regret not buying them because if i don't buy them now and buy them back in England, i would have wasted countless amount of photo opportunities. Again, thanks for the advice and i will look on flickr and search each.

If wildlife is going to be even a modest consideration, then by all means get the 55-210.   Even zoo photography wants a longer lens than 55mm.

At 30 meters distance, sheep-sized animals look like BB's rolling around in a boxcar if the longest lens you have is 55mm.  Even 210mm feels pretty short when you're shooting wildlife.

I've got a bunch of wide-angle lenses, and I use them a lot -- more than I use the 55-210, some weeks -- but in the fiscally constrained circumstances you are describing, it would be essential to have a telephoto if you want to bring back photographs of animals.

If you stop the 18-55mm lens down to f/5.6 or f/8, and shoot it at around 20mm -- just 2mm longer than its minimal focal length -- it's a pretty good grab-and-go landscape lens.

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