Olympus EPL2 noise superior to EP3 and OM-D?

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So I have the camera, and the results are about as I'd hoped, although chroma noise DOES

show up past ISO 1600 or so.  I can convert to black and white for these, and a pleasing grain

pattern remains.  Overall, I think the EPL2 is vastly superior to the GF3, due to the image

Stabilization, ability to go all the way to ISO 6400 in auto ISO, and noise characteristics (no

smearing, pleasing grain pattern to a point, though extremes do exhibit banding patterns).

I like the color better as well.  The following are some examples of high ISO from this camera,

the first two being 100% crops.  This is just for the sake of making this thread complete so that

others can reference it if they'd like.

ISO 1600 in an out of focus area

ISO 2500- light yellow and bluish splotching visible at this point.

ISO 2500- full size.  Shadows end up kind of blue.  Reminds me of when they try to lighten photos without increasing the contrast.

ISO 3200.  Again, some blotching visible on skin.

ISO 5000.  Shadows overwhelmed by noise.  Color begins to lose saturation.  Contrast definitely suffers.

ISO 2500

Overall, I still wish Oly would leave the option to really turn off the Noise Filter completely.  As much as I don't like the shadow noise, I still prefer the noisy image to the smeared one (and if you prefer noise filtering, they can give you the option of turning it on.  Everybody wins!)

A last note:  With the 20mm f1.7 and the image stabilization, I can often keep the ISO to 1600 or lower.  I use shutter priority with auto ISO, and can normally keep the shutter speed at around 1/100, dropping down to 1/60 if needed (1/60 on the GF3 resulted in a lot of blurred photos with the 20mm) without the ISO shooting up too much, usually, and when it does, it's normally just a snapshot that didn't need to be perfect anyway.  Well lit portraits come out beautifully.  I'm considering getting rid of my Canon gear as I don't shoot in a professional capacity anymore.

My main subject these days.

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