Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

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Re: Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

Jen Yates wrote:

webfrasse wrote:

It's not a hack. It's a feature in 10.8.

It's a hack. It's not something you can turn on, it's something you have to 'hack' into operation using information on the internet and a command line tools. When Apple allow you to switch it on using a preference pane you can go back to claiming it's not a hack.

Word of warning to the OP.

Time machine will get you so far but watch out for having time machine backing up data that's already been damaged by this hack.

I think your last comment is a very big concern. since the iMac is my primary system with over 25k of photos plus gigs of final videos, if some part of the file is damaged, I may never know for some time. By then, I may have propagated the bad files through out my backups and it and probably be too late. I had this happen on old PCs copying files from hard drives to hard drives. when the rated disk or memory error rate is 10 ^n, with that much data you will hit the error probability.

Until it is fully supported, I guess I keep it off my main system. BTW, it is not that easy to distribute files around between SSD and HD. Large iPhoto database, it won't split well between the two.



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