Troubled with Gloss differential or Bronzing when printing with Pigment inks?

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Re: Troubled with Gloss differential or Bronzing when printing with Pigment inks?

Robert Snow wrote:

Well, I don't plan on printing b&w prints...I was just trying to figure out what it would take and what it would cost to convert the 1400 for over coating with GO per your tut. That is, GO in all the cartridges and printing with the Quadtone.

I presently print mostly on Ilford's or Canson's Baryta papers. I actually prefer the Canson for some reason, even though they are supposed to be identical. Anyway, if you have used this paper you may have noticed that it really soaks up sprays.

I would normally apply four light coats of spray on a normal print, but with the Canson, I can still see some gloss diff., and four medium coats still doesn't quite do the job. I have tried Ham%$# and Premier Print Shield with the same results. I even tried Renaissance Wax with the same results. On regular luster type papers, it covers really well. Sooo, I am wondering also if using the GO will even coat those papers well enough.

Thanks a lot,

bob snow

Are you printing your images with OEM inks or 3rd party?

I don't get any fancier than Red River Papers and Epson.

What I would do is, get a set of refillable caerts for the 1400, obtain some GO from the sources I quoted. Download QuadTone RIP and I will send you the curves for the 1400 for GO work. It's all experimental and every paper type will require slight modifications to the values of the curves.

I have never used any Baryta Papers. So can not comment whether their surface coating will soak up the GO. I am simply printing on normal Epson Gloss / Luster / Satin / Red River Glossies Lusters and Satins. All I believe are RC type papers which will take to GO application quite well.


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