Primes > Zooms All Other Things Being Equal?

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Lenses get better as you stop them down...

So a prime that's faster than a zoom is, fiorst of all, "better" becuae you have a wider aperture for when you need it.

As you stop down the prime, it gets better, So, for instance, when an f2 prime gets to f2.8, it's improvedover wide open, whereas a zoom at f2.8 is wide open.

By the time you get both to f4, more often than not, and depending on the subject and the light and the size of the image and the kind of paper it is printed on, and the quality of the monitor, and the resolution of the TV and the lens quality on the video projector, there's probably no difference that matters.

Except if you crop the prime picture and zoom the zoom picture, so you use the full frame of the zoom lens shot and only part of the frame from the cropped prime.

Unless you've zoomed wide, and then cropped, to get rid of soft edges that are still in the prime shot because the field of view is fixed.

And what's better mean?


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