Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

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Re: Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

_timo_ wrote:

The upshot is that some people who think they have made a fusion drive have merely lumped an SSD with and HDD together, and when the SSD portion of the volume is full the volume itself will drop down to HDD speeds; that is, there is no 4GB of migration or data reallocation as with a real Fusion Drive volume.

But hey, I'd love them to be wrong. Anyway, here's the link:

I have confirmed that it works as a fusion drive, not JBOD. I measured the performance of the logical drive at the start, after installing the OS, about 260 mb/sec, I have only SATA II, I  copied 900 GB to it. The speed for a while was under 80 MB/sec. After a while, as new files were added and the speed went gradually back to 260MB/sec without deleting any filesI Also the boot time stayed fast.

Does anyone know if this is a unix feature or is it Apple proprietary? This is one example that it is a shame to lock it up and not benefit the rest of the industry.


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