Can't use Facebook after CCleaner use

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Re: Can't use Facebook after CCleaner use

Isabel Cutler wrote:

While trying to decide on an SSD for a computer my husband is building for me a friend was decided I had a lot of Application Data clogging my system, so suggested using CCleaner. (He wanted to see why I wanted a larger than 256 gb SSD, since my C drive had almost 300 gb in it.)

I went ahead and used CClenaer without checking all the boxes it was going to clean up and it really screwed up Facebook. Not only did all my friends disappear, but I can't post anything on my own page or those of my friends. When I go to add them back I get a message that I'm already connected.

Has anyone had to deal with this?

I did try a System Restore, but that didn't help.



It looks like it has deleted some regisitry entry of your browser, First uninstall your browser, rename your browser name folder in app data --local and appdata-roaming

Install the browser again.

Hopefully it would work.

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