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Re: No, that is not a danger

maple wrote:

Thank you, Mike. That's a bit surprising. But I know you take into consideration of shadow conditions, too.

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As much as possible.

As we all know the Foveon chip is extremely insensitive to light and so needs just as much as can safely be pumped into the shadows to cut down on banding and the green/magenta splotches, before the highlights blow out. Unfortunately, the ideal exposure varies from scene to scene depending on the DR.

Now if we were all shooting like Ansel Adams using some variation of the Zone System and a Pentax spot meter we could determine the best exposure every time. But how many really shoot like that anymore--I certainly don't  .  So my tests were based on what I considered a typical scene which included a red house with white trim and deep shadows, and I arrived at iso 64-80 as the best compromise. But as they say YMMV.  The best thing to do is just run your own tests and see for yourself.

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