Ordering 7D from B&H Photo question/concern.

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I gave the 5D MK III one star only because I could not give it zero. I expected so much more out of a $3,000 body than a brick that lasted less than 100 shutter clicks. But B&H hasn't posted my 1 star review, but has loaded up the page with endless 5 star reviews posted well after mine.

Every review is vetted by PowerReviews. They send more than 90% to us where each is read individually. Most are passed and published on our site. A few are rejected for being off-topic or delayed while we determine if the customer has a customer service issue which we want to resolve but which may not be relevant in the product review environment.

We would never waylay or conceal a review just because it was unfavorable.

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Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

Thank you, Henry. Ironically, my review just appeared with a January 19 date, so it does seem to take a while to surface. I have to admit, I'm envious of all those 5 star users raving about the 5D MK III. I had hoped to be one of them, but 48 hours with that camera was the worst experience ever. I've never had any camera, let alone a brand new $3000 body suddenly lose all autofocus, no shutter button response, and at one point, even after turning off the camera to remove the battery, the LCD was still lit and active. Hopefully, the 5D MK IV will turn out better in a couple years.

Thankfully, I bought at B&H and you guys took back the useless brick, no questions asked.

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