Troubled with Gloss differential or Bronzing when printing with Pigment inks?

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Re: Troubled with Gloss differential or Bronzing when printing with Pigment inks?

Robert Snow wrote:

Hi, Joe:

I have watched your tut video, twice, and am very interested in the process since I have a 1400 at my disposal (if I steal it from my wife and sub a letter sized all in one). By the way, thanks so much for your effort! I enjoyed it immensely.

I went to Cone's site to see if I could find his instructions for this process. No luck. I have looked and looked, and can't find any good instructions. So, my question to you is...Do you possibly have a link or know where it might be on his site?

I need a 'cook book' I guess, since I have not used his inks in probably 10-12 years. I can see I need a set of 1400 cartridges and probably a reset tool, and of course a bottle of GO(for dye based or pigment based inks?), but what else? And which print engine to use, the Quadtone or the QTR I think it was?

Anyhoo, do you possiblly know where on his site he explains these things?

Thanks in advance,

bob snow

Glad you are interested in this post printing application of GO.

You are right about not finding anything in the CONE site because it is not something that they specifically sell their Gloss Optimizer for. Sort of!

The sell Gloss Op are part of they all Black ink systems for Epsons 1400 and up.

Besides different levels or black tone, warm, neutral or cool, they also sell it for either Matte or Glossy papers. The glossy ink kit will include GO. You then use a RIP ( Raster Image Processor ) to print from. The RIP along with a "Curve" file will control how the black ink shades are used to map all the gray scale tonalities. The GO is used to over coat the Black and White print to eliminate gloss differential on glossy papers. On matte papers, using the Matte Ink set, it's not used.

The process I described in the video is my own process. The only think CONE provided was a custom Curve for the QuadTone RIP so that when printing a WHITE, same size image document aver the print, it will apply GO using ALL 6 cartridges of the 1400. I would work with any other Epson printer supported by the QuadTone RIP.

Do you need more ink other than what I provided in the video? I edited down the video from it's original length due to complains for it being too long winded! LOL!

I am currently using GO from and from Precision Colors both of which are from Image Specialists. The GO is for Epson R800/R1800/R1900/R2000 printers.

Let me know what else you need to know more about!

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