RX100 at ISO 5000 and building RAW skills.

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Re: RX100 at ISO 5000 and building RAW skills.

GregCr wrote:

Can I ask what sharpening and noise reduction settings you used on this photo? I too have been trying to develop some raw processing skills in LR but so far I have not had results as good as yours. So I'm curious to see what settings you used.


Hi Greg, of course you can ask, that's why I started this thread so that we share some experience. I am almost embarrassed to say what I did exactly, because I'm sure it involves redundant steps, but who cares:) So in LR I basically applied:

plus a bit of custom WB. Some of these settings might be inconsequential to the output, like that 61 detail in the colour NR, maybe it was just arbitrary! Then I exported it to PS, downsized it to 2400x1800 (that was my target output size) and then applied some new sharpening (unsharp mask, amount 70%, radius 0.7), followed by some mild NR again.

Then I tried this recipe in a different kind of photo with less well defined edges maybe and I wasn't happy. So you will find it depends on the kind of subject. But do try it and let me know if it improves a photo you had worked on before.

As I said, I'm still finding my way, in the dark. Maybe I could read a book on how these things really work instead of just trying things arbitrarily. And maybe others here can contribute some of their experience.

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