RX100 at ISO 5000 and building RAW skills.

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Re: For a non experienced RAW shooter.....

Martin87 wrote:

For a non experienced RAW shooter like myself ( RX100 was my first RAW capable camera as well ) you did an amazing job. There is almost no noise visible and there is still plenty of detail.
I must say my RAW post processing differ from yours slightly. My previous camera from 2006 was very noisy even at ISO400 so I got used to the noise and now when I process my RAWs I don't do much noise reduction. Many people seem to dislike my taste but I guess everyone's taste is different. Here is an example of how I proceess my high-ISO images.

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Kind regards.

Hi Martin,

Thanks, I was indeed satisfied myself with the finished result:) Then I saved it as a preset and tried to apply it to a dark indoor café photo I took and it didn't work optimally!

As I mentioned I can see two ways of doing things, one is to "polish" a photo, maybe more suited for monitor viewing at a particular size, like the one I posted. But I also agree that (subtle) grain can be used to good effect, contributing to the ambiance of a photo. At the moment I am trying to reduce noise as much as I can without having areas in the photo that look too unnaturally smooth.

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