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Re: Perhaps the forums should be split in two

fad wrote:

One for people who want emotional reinforcement for the love they have for their camera.

One for people who want useful information.

Emotionally, the RX1 is perfect for me, the form factor, the image quality, the brand associations I have with Sony. Cost is no issue.

Rationally, I can't use it for the photography I do.

I realized this from reading a review or two, but seeing people's reactions reinforcing the review is helpful.

Part of this is a question of experience. In its time, the 5D was a similar kind of camera. I only wanted to read posts about how it was better than such and such. However, its faults for my kind of shooting eventually caused me to ditch it for something that focuses faster.

Now, for my D4 and D800 I only read posts that bring out their limitations, or other features I have not fully understood. I know that they are not perfect cameras, and that there never has nor ever will be a perfect purchasing decision.

But just because needs are emotional does not mean they are not valid. That's why I suggest a different love fest forum, where no critical comments are tolerated. There's a perfectly normal human need for that. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

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This is a very accurate and comprehensive treatise on why people would buy such an expensive camera, that has very limited function, missing features and performance flaws. And there's not much rationality and practicality involved in these reasons. It doesn't look like our requests for separate forums will be fulfilled.

Regarding the proclamation by LTZ, calling the RX1 the best "point and shoot" camera of all. Nothing could be further off track. To be the best of this type, it would need to be affordable for most of those who wanted it.  Those who are affluent enough to buy such a thing on a whim, are doing no favors to those they might influence to trash their budgets to get it. This is a "Let them eat cake" philosophy.

To qualify as being the top pick, it would also have to be a good all-purpose camera and have no major gaps in its capabilities. I take pictures of all sorts of things, from up close to very distant, but I can't imagine my having any use for it at all. My $200. TX100V surpasses it with glitch-free video and most people could take better photos with its more user-friendly controls and fast autofocus. Only those who are willing and able to crack into the complexities of the RX1's operation, could use it to much advantage.

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