Stormy Seas and Lighthouse

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Re: Good Shots Ian

John Byrne wrote:

Gidday Mate,

Been unpredictable weather with floods and bush fires all down the East Coast, while we in the south didn't get the aftermath of the cyclone we've certainly had our share of destruction (again) from fire.

You've excelled here with your shots, I like them all, but a couple are to my eye special #1 and #3.

The girls in #3 give the impression of "we've gotta get out of here", the situation appears dangerous, but maybe not in reality, I just can't see any dad putting his kids in danger for the sake of taking a couple of photos.

Mate I'd send #1 and #3 off to the local paper in Woolongong I think you might get published.

Trust you and family are all OK,



Hi John

All good here mate, gone from fire to floods, I see you are still getting fire down your side of the border, Thanks for your kind comments I took so many photos and have not looked at them all yet I may bore you all with a couple more when I have, I might give the local papers a go, I had one printed in our local paper of a King Parrot I photographed, it also got printed on post cards sold through Australia Post so was happy with that, The girls were OK Dad was not too far away and most of those waves broke up as they came over the wall, so lost power fairly quickly, certainly is wild all along the east coast at present, one again thankyou for your kind comments, and hope you are all well


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