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Re: 600 and 800 DO VR with AF-ON...

I sit corrected

Apparently the newer Nikons (D600/D800) initiate VR via the AF-ON, unlike their predecessors. It's about time! Wish my bodies did that.

The only issue I see here is if you AF-ON with AF set to AF-C, then come off it to lock focus, when you hit the shutter release VR requires settling time again. Back to square 1, unless you keep AF-ON pressed AND hit the shutter release at the same time (or hold shutter to the first detent all the time you need VR). Admittedly difficult, but why not just set AF to AF-C, shutter to AF+Release, and use the shutter release + AF-L? No loss of VR settling that way.

When I used my D600 with VR lenses, I observed that VR remained active for a few seconds after you release AF-ON. So as long as you half press the shutter within a few seconds after releasing AF-ON (which is sometimes/often the case, depending on shooting style), you shouldn't have to wait for VR again.

I don't have any VR lenses now (occasionally borrow lenses though), so it doesn't really matter for me.

AF-L is a good alternative. I did try using the AF lock buttons on my 80-200/2.8 AF-S, but in the end I found that I preferred separating the shutter release from autofocus operation. It just feels more natural to not hold down a button when you don't want a particular action. But that's just my style - there's absolutely no shortcoming I see with using AF-L instead.

I suppose each to their own shooting circumstances...

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