Adapters for Tokina and Nikon

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Re: Adapters for Tokina and Nikon

GodSpeaks wrote:

harisp wrote:

Could i control the aperture manually with them? I don't mind that i won't have AF or the advantages of the prime lenses .

Yes, you can use the aperture ring ON THE ADAPTER to open and close the aperture of the lens. However, the actual setting is totally hit and miss. If, for example, you wanted to set f8, there is no way to actually set f8.

The only two known aperture settings are wide open and fully stopped down. Everything in between is total guess work.

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Well, not necessarily... Here is how I tend to use it - I open wide the aperture first in A mode and watch for the shutter speed. If the widest aperture on the lens is f2.8, and I got the shutter speed of 1/200s i.e., and I want aperture at f8, all I have to do is to turn the adapter aperture ring, until I get 1/25s. It might not be 100% precise, but it should be close enough.

Hope it helps.

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