Why to pay a fortune for PW system?

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Re: I paid a kings ransom for my Radio Popper PX, with my 580EX's

My old blue PW were purchsed in 2001. They still work just fine. Only issues I have had were when I dropped a camera and broke the transmitter shoe. Since I had a spare, it got me through the day. Swapped shoe from a receiver that nite and ordered 2 replacemts from PW. One is still in lighting case

I have also been researching a TTL solution for events when it is not possible to meter every time. Every chinese one seems to have an achilles heel. Pocket wizards seem to be quirky at times. I watched a buddy tear his hair out at an event with them. Quantums would be nice, but the cost and learning curve are daunting. I know UK has been using them for years and they are second nature to him. But I think starting fresh with them (2-3 flashes and getting 2 turbos fixed) would be costly in time and money. The turbos have new cells and need to go to Quantum. But they quoted me 6 weeks. So I just re-celled my Sunpak tr2000 at batteries plus and they are lighter and last longer than my 2 working turbos.

So, with the new lower price of RP and no real learning curve, I think they are in my crystal ball. And I wont have to sell my beloved SB800s

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