5N Video set up question plus example

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Re: 5N Video set up question plus example

BennyKingston wrote:

Thank you for the detailed answer that will help. The video example is professionally done. I don't expect to come anywhere near that. I just want to get some reasonable "footage" that can be usable to play with in post.

I have the 5N and 18-55 kit lens that's it.That lens has stabilization as you know.

I'm trying to find the easiest settings that will also auto focus correctly while trying to video spaces like in the example video. I would be shooting clips in seconds not minutes so I don't expect overheating.

The kit lens is stabilized but you won't be able to rely on it for all your shots unless you are deliberately trying to shoot with that handheld aesthetic.  As for focus, the kit lens has a slow aperature but the by product is lots of things are always in focus.  Leave it on active focus and you should be fine.  Mostly you should worried about light indoors, as you will run out of light very quickly with the kit lens depending on the environment you are shooting.  Move your gain/ISO to 1600 or so but I wouldn't go above that when shooting video as you will introduce lots of noise.  Remember, the video is baked in like a jpeg...the 5N doesn't shoot raw video so you have to treat the data with some respect -

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