What lens would you choose?

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Re: What lens would you choose?

I think the zoom will open up more options for you creatively than the fisheye, but at the same time both are very particular kinds of photography and it's tough to know which one you'll have more of a taste for. Fisheye is very particular and you definitely won't use it as much. Consider the other benefits as well though, like the small size of your camera with the 16mm on it, and the ability to also get the UW adapter to play with.
Also maybe take a look through some examples of telephotography and fisheye shots. Maybe there's one you're significantly more drawn to creating than the other!

Edit: FWIW, I don't use the 55-210 nearly as much as I thought I would, which is why I recommend thinking really hard about what kinds of shots you want to take.

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