Carry On Weight Restrictions

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Re: Carry On Weight Restrictions

Always take your camera gear through security. If the airline employee says a bag is too large or too heavy then it is still better to gate check it than to have it pass through the TSA where theft is a very real problem. With a gate checked bag it is last on and first off and you have control over it until you board the plane.

If I can do so I often wear a Domke photographer's jacket as it has lots of large interior and exterior pockets. I can walk on with 20 lbs. of gear stuffed in the jacket and it does not count as carryon and it easily fits in the overhead bin in spaces that a regular bag would not.

If the roller bag meets the international flight standards for size it should also work for weight unless it is a Pelican type case. I do not use the Pelican cases as they weigh 8-12 lbs. more than a comparable semi-soft case and that subtracts from the amount of gear you can put inside.

If you are traveling with a companion you can distribute the weight and the bags. Usually the airlines focus more on number and not size of carryon bags so if you have 3 then put one inside another while boarding. A shopping type bag that holds items possible purchased at a airport shop are not counted and I make use of this type of bag for my stuff as well.

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