Boy Scouts will become Boy/Gay Scouts starting next week

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Re: A Binderful of Molesting Pedophile Scout Masters

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Horrible idea...

Why not create a separate Gay Scouts organization?

Many of the Scout Masters are pedophiles so it's a good move to keep them together in one organization.

You have mental problems with your logic. It is like saying many grade school teachers are pedo.

Get real or are you one of them? Here is a common news story:

New lawsuit claims Boy Scouts failed to stop pedophile in Midwest

CHICAGO - Dec 4, 2012 A former Boy Scout who says he was sexually assaulted when he was 10 by his now-imprisoned former troop leader sued the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday, citing recently released files the group secretly maintained on suspected molesters in its ranks.

The lawsuit claims that the Boy Scouts allowed Thomas Hacker, a Scout leader barred from the group after a 1970s felony sex abuse conviction in Indiana, to rejoin as a volunteer in Illinois in the 1980s, and he went on to molest more boys, including the plaintiff.

One hahhahahahahahahaahahahahhahahhahahahhahah

More like one thousand. The Boy Scouts have a Binder Full of Pedophile Scout Masters that it is/has protecting.

ATLANTA - "I think the fact that they kept files is astounding," Gainesville attorney Chandelle Summer told 11Alive News on Friday.

That was her reaction to a judge in an Oregon child molestation case releasing thousands of pages of Boy Scouts of America internal files.

They show thousands of cases of potential pedophiles in the Boy Scout ranks, including nearly one-hundred here in Georgia from the late 1950s to the mid-1980s.

Gainesville attorney Summer isn't really surprised at what the files contain.

More than two decades ago she represented Hall County Scout Master Larry Calabro when he pleaded guilty to molesting seven of his scouts.

Scout Master Pedophile Molesting File

Personal Note: I went to a scout meeting with my older cousin to see if I wanted to join. Immediately, I saw the scout master overly touchy with the boys and that turned me off. He was touchy-feely like the neighborhood do-gooder who was eager teach us young boys to drive. And when my turn came I figured that I didn't want to learn to drive that bad when some of the other boys came back to tell their story learning to drive.

Hearsay BS

Scout Master in denial despite mountains of evidence, not hearsay.

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