5N Video set up question plus example

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Re: 5N Video set up question plus example

Wow lots of answers to give.  Let's see, to start, treat this as a photo shoot.  Location scout, plan your day, will you have any help, etc.  What kind of lenses are you thinking?

  1. stabilization - video today is about stabilization and motion.  Shaky is fine when you desire to have that effect, otherwise you need a tripod, a slider, and at least a handheld stabilizer for your camera.  You can kind of get away with this if you have in body or in lens stabilization, but you will need a slider/tripod/stabilizer at a minimum to shoot something like you posted.  Once you play with this stuff you can easily spot how a shot was done whenever you see something on TV or a movie...oh that's a slider, oh that's a steadicam, oh that's a helicopter, etc.
  2. shoot manual - read up on the 180 degree rule and make sure not to confuse shutter speed with frame rate.  On the NEX5N shoot at 1080/60P at 1/125s if you have enough light, drop down to 1080/24P at 1/50 or 1/60s if you need more light.  Use a variable ND filter to stay within those parameters when you are outside in bright light.  Your 5N should show exposure levels, so just set your camera to spot metering or scene metering depending on how you want to expose the scene.
  3. research - go to sites like http://www.cheesycam.com and the companion http://www.oliviatech.com sites to see reviews for indie film maker equipment, don't spend a lot on your stuff unless you need to. 
  4. rig - determine your basic needs for a rig, handheld or shoulder, are you needing to attach lights, mics, anything else?  I ended up getting a handheld rig and a shoulder rig as they both give different results - and obviously one is smaller than the other. 
  5. edit - what are you intending to edit this with?  I use Final Cut Pro X for small quick stuff as it's super easy, you can learn how to use it in about an hour watching some YouTube videos.  iMovie on a Mac is great too...Premiere if you are on PC but that will take longer training to use properly.
  6. planning - trying to shoot video and actually getting the shots you envision is really hard...really hard with a team, extra special hard when you do it alone.  Plan on everything taking way longer than you think, and plan on getting seconds of good footage versus minutes.
  7. lastly, your settings are what I shoot at, I use Portait mode with everything but color down to -3 and color at -1.  It does give a fairly neutral look that you can adjust in post.  If you don't want to bother with grading the Sunset or Normal settings are great as long as you adjust white balance levels on each shot. 

Oh one last thing, the 5N tends to overheat while shooting video so read up on fixes for that.  I stick with short segments when I shoot, in the seconds so I am fine for what I tend to shoot.

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