Creating the Impossible with Unusual Focal Length : SHOW YOURS!

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Re: Creating the Impossible with Unusual Focal Length : SHOW YOURS!

Nice photo Roel, love the distortions and the effects of them.

Just a story which I've always found interesting and somewhat related to odd focal lengths.

This guy I knew..who sometimes worked for the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Assoc.) as a photographer wanted to photograph Sean Tucker's aerobatic plane, the Oracle "in flight". So they get a Cessna (or equivalent) and both take off. Now this guy who goes by the name of 'Mongoose..don't know his real name (used to "fly" on an air combat Sim. with him)..figures that using a telephoto won't look so hot with it's seeming compression etc. and decides on the widest lens he has for his Nikon...which at that time might have been the Sigma 12-24. So the planes get in position, and he keeps telling the pilot and Tucker "get me closer, until the planes are feet apart (dangerous with anyone but Tucker), so the subject was still not filling the frame. What "Mongoose" ended up doing was having a couple of people hold on to him, while he either leaned out the door or window (I don't know which and didn't ask, since I didn't quite want to know) until he was nearly half way out. You should see that photo, and what an ultra wide angle can accomplish in some cases. It really looked like he was just a few feet from the prop, which he was. He sent me a copy of the pic. Really something. Guy is crazy.

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