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Re: Focal length uses

hilife wrote:

Thanks for your posts. The second shot looks interesting as a slightly "foreshortened normal". (I like your orange-coloured reflective setup for photographing the gear too :-)).

How useful are you finding the focal length to shoot? I'm pretty much sold on the Samsung 45 f/1.8 and given the examples posted on the other thread (below) that plus an NX does look like a real go-to lightweight setup for full length environmental to chest-and-up portraits with a shallow DOF fashion magazine / Sartorialist look. (For headshots, for my tastes, I'd frame loosely and crop.) But what it is it like for other uses when out and about?


I remember a friend had a 70mm lens on an OM-1 film SLR and my immediate impression was that it felt awkward, but perhaps it would be something that one could regularly work with and get used to.

I suspect it's a very natural looking focal length for video as well...?

That orange background is my glass kitchen table backed up by the wall. Nice and simple.

I have only had this lens for about half a week, but am liking it already. It's not as demanding to focus as the 58 f/1.4, and on the NX it's not much longer than the 58 is on the film camera. (A very comfy combo for me.) I look forward to trying it out some more in the coming days.

Thanks for the heads up on The Sartorialist! While I find the compositions to be a little too centered/static, the feel/mood is fantastic. While I won't likely find any natty dressers in my neck of the woods, I'll have to give the environmental shots a try...

I feel like it will provide a pretty natural look. I discovered today, while looking through the Minolta's split prism with both eyes open, that the 58mm lens on that camera delivers exactly the same scale image as my other eye. It's how I see the world! The 45mm, mounted on NX, isn't too far off from that field of view.  Video doesn't seem to be an option with my NX100 and manual lenses.  Too bad.

I'll try to post some updates in the near future... Thanks for your comments/interest.

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