What lens would you choose?

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Re: What lens would you choose?

Hmmmm, the only reason i would be getting the 16mm is so i can use the fisheye convertor. And it seems like a lot of effort and money just for the fisheye effect. The fisheye convertor doesn't work on the 1855 i don' think. I think i have seen pictures where the whole edge of the photos are black. I don't understand why it's just for the 16f28!!!! It suppose it makes more sense to get the lens that would be used the most in our situation, but that doesn't solve the fact that i want the other! ha

The Rokinon Fishey 8/2.8 is going on sale all the time. I think it's the sharpest lens in an Emount, but it's not autofocus. But for a fisheye lens, AF is overrated. If you were just wanting fisheye from the 16 then you might check out the Rokinon and at least get a very sharp lens for your fisheye.

I know it's a bit silly wanting the 16mm for the fisheye, but at least i would be getting a good lens for the sights i'll be seeing. I don't know the prices of either as here in Melbourne they seem to be extortionate compared the rest of the bloody world. I agree, although its manual, i think anything goes with the fisheye!

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