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Re: Your Opinion on the MX-1

Typical of Pentax to be a little below the radar, but the MX-1 looks interesting to me. Not that I ever owned a Pentax previously, but I'm intrigued by this one.

Looks like it has a great lens, EV dial on top plate, very usable (angle-finder style) hi-res display, decent control layout, and reasonable heft to it, according to preview stats, for a solid feel.

The very few images I've seen from it (pre-prod versions) so far look excellent, and I reckon the UK pricing is about where I'd expect for the spec and anticipated build quality & materials used.

I'm not bothered about lens ring, ..or hotshoe or OVF/EVF - got those two on my Sony Alpha when needed - and the Sony sensor in the MX-1 is known to be a real corker.

In our anticipation of the MX-1, I don't think evaluating it on sensor size alone is neccesarily an indication of final IQ....there's very much more to it than just that. Look what they achieved with the Q.

Consider this : Pentax are the only brand (that I can think of) that has heritage in :

  • Medium format system ...including dedicated & stunning quality glass
  • Stunning SLR lenses range anyway
  • Strong SLR/DSLR ability
  • Stunning IQ from World's smallest ILC (with a small sensor)
  • And now a high-end compact

All of the following brands have one thing in common ...they're unable to boast that range of imaging products : Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung,Hasselblad,Leaf.

> MX-1...I expect it to be a very capable camera. We'll soon see.



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