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I have gone to Maui two to three times a year for the past 14 years. I have owned a Canon SD550 with the Canon UW case; a Canon G9, with the Canon UW case; and the Canon 95s, with the Canon UW case. I have also had two Nikon point & shoots (took both below 10', cracked the cases and fried them both. I'm a slow learner). I also had two Canon P&S's (not that impressive). I had a Sea & Sea with a single srobe attached (not sufficient light). And, I have had two Nikonos IV's (as I said-slow leaner). The Canon G9 required only 1 weight plate to be neutral bouant. It took fantastic pictures, with and without the on-camera flash. The 7MP SD550 Elph and Canon case took such steller images, with and without the on-camera flash, that I bought the 95s and a Canon underwater case. One thing I learned from using all this stuff is that "light" is always the issue. If you are planning to go below 10', you probably need a double strobe set up. The single strobe that was on the Sea & Sea I had was never enough to get a decent picture. However, it was a "film" camera. It could only be set to a 400 ISO maximum. Thus, it was very limiting. But, digital cameras are different. Above 10', the auto ISO feature of the canons allowed me to take unlite images most of the time. Sometimes, I find even the small flash on the 95s will wash out an image if I am too close. The auto ISO feature on digital cameras will almost always bring the ISO up to the point where you can get a great picture-so long as you (1) are above 10'; (2) take pictures in clear water (not after a rain); and (3) take pictures when the sun is high. The white sand bottom that's prevelent in Hawaii helps a lot, as well.

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