Using the AF-ON focus technique with the D800

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Re: Using the AF-ON focus technique with the D800

pipee wrote:

What is the big deal? There is an AF-LOCK function which disables the half press focus and ensure the shutter releases. ie, it provide the same benefits of AF-ON. If you want to take action shots

I think AF-ON is superior for taking action shots in good light. But if you are going to be taking action shots, you want to be switching to 3d for best results.

There is too much downside, most of which you pointed out:

1. You can't hand the camera over to someone else to take a photo because they won't know how to focus

I don't know about you, but I don't hand my D800 with a 70-200 VRII and a SB800 flash on it to ANYONE. Why would I ever do that? I have a Nikon P7700 or Canon Elf if I need a shot of me at the county fair. I'm not sure I'd hand my P7700 over for that matter!

2. The AF assist on camera or flash does not work while in AF-C mode which makes it useless in low light

Yep. This might be an issue on rare occasions, but MOST of the time the D800 can acquire AF without it. Change settings if you need it.

3. Have to use release priority


4. When I focus, my thumb is usually on the directional pad, selecting my AF point.

Okay, but understand that quite a few folks use the center because we find it the most accurate.

I am interested in what do mean AF-C will help you get sharper images? Sharper images compared to AF-S? Are you saying that holding AF-ON will make the camera focus better than half pressing?

It does for me, plus it also allows me to lock focus just as if I was in S mode (no beep though), so I basically get BOTH modes with one setting.


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