EM-5 + 9-18 for Real Estate photos...Love it!

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Re: EM-5 + 9-18 for Real Estate photos...Love it!

A quick adjustment with DxO's Viewpoint program.

It can be used as a plugin or standalone program.

I've found the program effective and more importantly easy to learn and use.

I agree it is impressive what you can do with that program but to me that isn't how that room looks in real life. The doorway on the right isn't as large as it appears in your version. If you were to move the right side of the image to the left (and keep the perspective of the rest of the room and contents) and keep vertical lines perfectly vertical it would look closer to reality.

I think when composing the shot for the purpose of a Real Estate photograph if your intention is to be straight on, then you should be perfectly straight on and horizontal lines should be horizontal. I rarely compose shots straight on.

If you look through Real Estate photos (go to Flickr group Photography for Real Estate for examples) you'll see that the corners of rooms opposite the camera position tend to diagonal down towards the floor. I think that's a normal perspective.

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