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Re: E-mount lens lineup update

zackiedawg wrote:

If they stick with the last 3 on the roadmap, that will make for a total of 16 lenses released in 4 years (If you want to be sneaky, you could consider it 18 lenses, with the two ECU adapters delivering two additional focal lengths). That is on a similar pace to Olympus' M4:3 schedule (16 lenses in 5 years, including 2013 releases) and Panasonic (16 lenses in 5 years, through 2012). 4 of the M4:3 lenses I didn't count as they were discontinued models replaced by newer versions of the same lenses.

While your info is good, and goes a long way into proving that there are lenses for the nex, and that they are releasing as much lenses as other brands, the big problem on your count is that many lenses are the same. You have 3 18mm-200mm, and although not exactly the same, you have 2 kit zooms on the 16/8-50/5 range. So in the end, as options on focal length for us users, it is less than what you put.

Still, Im with you, finishing this year, there are no more excuses, there will be most focal lentghs for the nex. Only thing that will be missing is a long tele, better than the current zoom. a 150mm, or 200mm, something like that. I doubt we will ever see a 70.200mm 2.8, that will only be for DSLTs. And a longer macro. a 90mm macro for instance, but that could come from sigma or tamron.

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