7D Exposure and WB bracketing - 9 shots? - Can it be done? JPEG/RAW?

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Yes, ML is truly fantastic. I'm dumbfounded that more people here either don't know about it or are afraid to use it.

I am one of those "chicken". (2012 10 12) Magic Lantern working on 7D - alpha 1 is out!

Alpha: Code is written (no guarantee that "everything" is coded) and this is the first phase of the software testing.

Beta: The software is feature complete. Better testing of all the features by getting more people to test it.

RTM: The software is released to general distribution, this is the general release.

It's been 3½ month and no update.

The Second Alpha was announced on 12/23/2012:  http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=3974   Read the ML Forum post in the link for more info.

Is it "feature complete"? Is it that solid? I did a search for "rollback" on their website: Results: "Nothing was found.‚Äč" I searched for "restore" and none of it applied to the 7D.

The current Alpha 2 for the 7D must be reloaded each time that you turn on the camera.  Thus there is no need for a 'rollback' or a 'restore'.  Just turn off the camera and ML goes away.

I have heard good things about ML, but it's for other cameras, the single CPUs and mostly on the video side. I use my 7D for work and it may work very well, but can I risk another $1300 (in Canada) if it is "bricked".

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