Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Re: Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

dosdan wrote:

I think the problem with the term "exposure" came about like this:

In the days of film, you would take "an exposure" by exposing film to light. Later you would "develop" it, with the possibility of making various adjustments to the final rendered image. The only time these two processes were tightly coupled was with the Polaroid Land system.

Along came digital cameras. With JPEG shooting, exposing and developing seemingly occurred together. So users started to think that "exposure" equates to shooting & producing an JPEG image, with printing producing a hard copy.

Then some digital cameras provided raw image storage, so that users could again decouple the two processes. But the concept of "exposure" had loosened sufficiently in the thinking of typical digital camera users, that the producers of raw developer programs used the label "Exposure" in a rendering control in the development process, even though I'm sure they knew it was incorrect.


To even further muddy the waters, Adobe's "Brightness" control (in LR through versions 3.x, and Camera RAW through versions 6.x) modified an applied gamma-correction constant (as opposed to amounting to a straightforward linear scaling of the output image-data).

Thus, the Empire of 1,000 Years painted themselves into a non-reversible rhetorical corner with those choices - and their faithful followers' heads might possibly have exploded upon discovering those facts along with discovering the facts surrounding the hue-twisting that accompanied the adjustment of their "Exposure" and "Highlight Recovery" control-sliders.

It is unknown (to me) whether LR 4.x and CR 7.x "Exposure" continues the hue-twisting behavior.

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