Impressing with AF improvement in new firmware

Started Jan 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
Ryan Williams
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Re: Impressing with AF improvement in new firmware

MonteCarlo67 wrote:

I'm guessing the only reason Fujifilm doesn't want you to download it is because it's not coming directly from their website. I'm assuming they know it is just the firmware upgrades that are on the memory card that comes with the 14mm that someone has just posted on the Web.

Of course they're not going to endorse firmware that they don't directly provide themselves. If you install dodgy firmware on a device you'll 'brick' it — render it unusable because it has no working firmware. If that happens the only solution is to send it back to Fuji for repairs, and it'll probably cost you.

While in this particular case it's probably OK, you shouldn't make a habit of installing firmware you got from a third-party source onto your devices.

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