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Jostian wrote:

...Thanks Dwight, most useful info, a question though, isn't IQ compromised by using iso 1600 or higher, surely its better using lower iso for better IQ (even with flash), or am I missin' something, again? thanks
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It really depends on what camera you have. I did my tests with a D3, which does well at ISO levels up to 1600 before I saw any significant impact on IQ. I could get useful shots up to around 6400, but processing to reduce noise does impact IQ. The D4 will do the same thing up to about ISO 3200 (and I presume the D3S would be similar).

My old D200 would do OK up to ISO 400. 800 was the highest I was willing to go, although I used 1600 occasionally with lots of processing and downsampling to control the noise.

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