New In studio, Need your help

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Re: New In studio, Need your help

One thing that I try to remember is to consider whether color is important. A happy child with a bunch of balloons screams color. However in the case of what you're doing here, color is not as important. Simple compositions are quite often amplified by having a b&w image. Of course you always want to shoot in color, but take the color out in post.

A well lit shot does not mean there are lights everywhere covering every angle. Pictures like that are boring and lack interest. So consider a very simple set up with just a few lights, and probably not use a soft box on any of them. I would consider bare bulb, and maybe a reflector.  I like your idea of keeping the background black, though and in that, there are inherent problems, keeping the subject from blending into the background can be quite tricky, you don't want to overlight the subject, but don't want to see them disappear either. Consider this; key light the subject at a good off-axis angle, then put a secondary light opposite the first one, keep them both off the background. For moving subjects, your may want to do as much mock up as you can, so your subject is not jumping or whatever to the point of exhaustion.

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