XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: S110?

jimr wrote:

Nick...I hope that you are correct. I have my doubts as all sensor sizes have made improvements so that the gap between the performance of larger vs. smaller sensors has not appeared to be closing at all. I have not seen any evidence to the contrary....so I have no reason to believe otherwise...

Did you look at DXO comparison between the XZ1 and Pentax Q as I suggested in previous post?

The Q 1/2.3 sensor beats the XZ1 1/1.7 sensor. I am not saying this one example is the case with all comparisons, but it does indicate that 1/2.3 (Sony sensor) has improved proportionately more than 1/1.7 sensors. Contrary to your deeply held view.

I imagine Sony sell far more 1/2.3 sensors than any other size, so it should not be a surprise that they have concentrated the most development in this area.

I am as interested as you to see if this new camera can match its big brother with IQ. I think it will be close, that's all I am saying.


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