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Re: Some thoughts

Forrest wrote:

What is it you like about that 30 mm f/1.4 Sigma? Seems to be a well-respected lens, maybe we can narrow down your choices a bit.

The 30 1.4 is great because:

1. it's small

2. no focusing issues whatsoever

3. sharp, but even more importantly - GREAT clarity (or that "L" look) - no softness anywhere as some versions occasionally report

4. covers most of my non-sports needs

5. if the updated version is improved upon then it'll be staggering

6. it and my other great lenses have me not feeling the need to upgrade my body

I generally don't go below 2.8 for non sports (portraits, family, travel, flowers, etc.) which is why I'm considering the 17-70 that's about to hit the shelves (as long as it has similar clarity to the prime).  I usually use my flash (with enormous success) when needing more light (since there's usually DOF issues that have me even at 4.0 or 5.6).

I've never had an UWA.  Is that more for when wanting to get "into" the subject vs getting more into the frame?  Could be a good thing to have in the arsenal.

So the things on my radar are the Sigma 30 1.4, Sigma 17-70, Tokina 11-16 and Tokina 12-28.

Thanks again.

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