Dealing with 7D Noise?

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Re: Dealing with 7D Noise?

First you don't want to underexpose. That is what is causing your photographs to look grainy. 1600 on the 7d should not be grainy. Expose correctly then you can talk grain.

I cant post pictures as i am on my Ipad. But my gallery as a couple recent basketball shots from an indoor gym. I believe were shot with ISO of 6400 uing the 7d.

GeoffE wrote:


This isn't a posting to complain!

Having a lot of fun with my 7D but have a few questions I'd appreciate some feedback on. Took time and patience to figure it out and I'm not 100% by any means but having fun getting there

The other night I went over to a friend kid indoor soccer game with my new 70-200 f2.8L IS II lens. It was rather intimidating having other parents look at me with high interest and then ask who I am.....after explaining I was with other parents they asked for pictures of their! So it was my first time shooting something like this and quite fun trying to get the "right" shot.

The lighting was horrible. To get a Tv value to freeze action I was at ISO of 1600+ which causes a lot of noise on the 7D (e.g., for 1/400 f2.8 ISO was 2000).

Two questions I'd appreciate feedback on.

1 - Would it make sense to set the ISO to a lower value (1000 - 1600) and keep the Tv set to 400/500 knowing the picture will be underexposed and use PP to bring it back; does this make sense?

2 - What noise s/w have people had the best results with for the 7D? I read a post where Topaz DeNoise was highly praised but I know there are others so thought I'd do a mini poll. Hope I'm not opening up Pandora's box with this

Any thoughts very much appreciated.



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