XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: S110?

jimr wrote:

NIK11 wrote:

. I suspect that when we see results from the XZ10 its smaller sensor performance will be very close to its 1.1/7 sensored big brothers, thereby trumping those cameras sporting 1/1.7r sensors with slower lens like the S110.

We do not know that.

Correct, I choose my words carefully. That's why I said 'suspect', as in 'possible or even likely'.

The tests of cameras that have the larger sensors as compared to smaller sensors would make that prediction unlikely to be true. If that was the case, Oly would have used the smaller sensor in the XZ 1 and XZ 2. Oly did not for a reason

Again, read my words please, I said 'very close'. Top of the range products have to carry a little extra kudos to justify the price, so Oly sticks with the 1/1.7 for what might turn out to be small gains. We shall see.

Think of the 1/2.3 backlit sensor as a 2 litre supercharged petrol engine being pitted against a 3 litre standard engine. That's where we are at until they start supercharging the larger sensors. Excuse the mixed metaphors.


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