how many $$$ have legacy lenses saved for you? and aren't they fun?

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Domagoj Batinic wrote:

SeeRoy wrote:

When I bought my OMD I imagined I'd have a use for my fairly extensive collection of Nikkors on it. And if I was in the habit of shooting still-life off a tripod this might well be the case. But I'm not. On reflection, probably not even then. There are a large number of excellent native af MFT lenses available, of which I have a few.


manual lenses can be used for much more than shooting still-life with tripod, especially with E-M5's IBIS. if people before invention of AF could manage to shoot action with manual lenses, why not now? you just have to put in some time and effort to get yourself efficient enough with manual lenses

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E-520+12-60+14-42+70-300+Sigma 105 + FL-50R+EC20 + SRF-11
and good number of legacy lenses (list in profile)

In my experience I noticed that most people switched to AF when it became available and reliable - or at least as soon as they could afford to.

I still sometimes use manual lenses, of which I have numerous, on FF Nikon DSLRs. However I can't see why anyone would want to do so on an MFT body given the range of excellent native lenses currently available - unless it's a matter of economy (in which case may your every shot be razor sharp). In fact I'd describe it as lens fetishism: there's a lot of it about. Of course some people make a very good living out of promoting manual lens fetishism.


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