Does one software program, or another, work better with Canon images

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Re: Does one software program, or another, work better with Canon images

Your question has been answered. Bottom line: difference is minor. Few examples comparing DPP and LR4. All files are RAW, saved as JPEG.

DPP opened it like this before any adjustment.

LR4 before any adjustment



Generally speaking though, LR4 tends to push deep shadows slightly rendering slightly more detail in shadow areas before any adjustment. The resulting image before any adjustments may appear to have less contrast and appear less saturated. The difference is minor and can easily be changed to your own liking.

I think in one area DPP has slight advantage over other editors (including Capture One). When lifting shadows, black areas remain black in DPP, but not so with other editors.


Exposure corrected in DPP. Exposure made +2 and shadows pushed to max.

LR4. Exposure +2, shadow +50.

Look at the second girl's black dress.

LR4 also does slightly better job in highlight recovery compared to DPP and Capture One. Never used DXO, so can't tell.

I use LR4 almost exclusively and CS5 for fine tuning if needed. LR4 is a joy to use. So, I would say use DPP first and then if you need to upgrade move to LR and then CS (the ultimate).

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